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About Us

Fractal Logistics combines decades of shipping experience with the latest data science innovations to bring competitive freight solutions to the dry bulk arena. This unique approach embodies the core shipping values of integrity, reliability and trust. We believe that innovation and constant improvement can bring true value to the industry and its participants. Fractal is led by leading ex-grain house and major dry bulk operator professionals, and a team of technology innovators.

A key component of our value offering is the Fractal Operations team, whose extensive seafaring and shore-based knowledge ensure safety and reliability for your cargo and tonnage. We provide dedicated freight services for and on behalf of the dry-bulk vessel operator Fractal Marine Ltd.

The group is backed by long-term funding from a syndicate of leading commodity and fintech investors.



Competitive freight solutions


First class charterer of spot and period tonnage

Strong capital base and financial integrity

Timely and efficient communication


First class execution of our cargo commitments

Absolute transparency and peace of mind

Flexible and reliable service based on excellent communication

Commercial Partners

A reliable partner in the shipping industry

Longstanding partnerships built on trust

Dedicated to the service of our clients' operations


Cutting-edge data science

Proprietary Freight Analytics

We combine state-of-the-art hardware with bespoke proprietary intelligence to provide tailored services and risk management for our clients.

A team of experts in AI and machine learning analyse billions of datapoints every day, including vessel behaviour, commodity flows and market transactions.

This data is then leveraged by our experienced shipping team to offer the most reliable and cost-effective service possible.

Executive Team

Will Cook

Will Cook

Head of Physical Trading

Lead on Chartering and Vessel Operations

+44 7808 402162

[email protected]

Octave Oppetit

Octave Oppetit


Chartering, Finance, Data Science

+44 7919 855729

[email protected]

Chase Bennett

Chase Bennett


Trading, Technology, Data Science

+44 7375 614776

[email protected]

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